ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal – Reviews

My Springer Spaniel (Smudge) does not like chewing on hard pet products that help remove plaque, and her teeth were in a terrible state for a dog of her age. When I was at Dogfest in 2015 I purchased a product called Tartar X, my dogs teeth were already in a poor state (at 2 years). I used this product for twelve months and had my dog’s teeth cleaned and polished at the vets in September 2015 at some extortionate cost, I thought they were too far-gone? Before I started using the Tartar X product. In May of 2016, I was considering going back to the vets for another treatment, as her teeth were in a worse state than ever! Decided against this because of the anaesthetic and she stresses badly. I would also like to say she eats really high quality food and her treats are also healthy. At DogFest 2016 I then came to your stall, after my experience with the competitor results, I was sceptical on what PlaqueOff could do? Therefore purchased the smallest pot available. I am now at the end of July and I can only say positive things about this product, most of the plaque has now gone and has been easy to remove and her gums look much healthier, her breath is also so much better. I just want to say thank you and hope this testimonial will help other dog owners make the right choices for their beloved pets.
Steve Wall, Cheshire

“We thought you might like to know what our vet recently said about our cat’s teeth! We used to live in the UK and last year we relocated to the USA, taking our beloved cats with us. We have given our cats plaque off regularly for quite a few years now. Our cats, who are 14 and 18 recently had their first vets visit in the USA. They were given a thorough examination and the vet turned to us and said, it was good that you got their teeth cleaned before you travelled, they have wonderfully clean teeth. She was absolutely astonished to hear that our cats had NEVER in their lives (all 14 and 18 years) had to have any dental work done! She couldn’t believe it. When I told her we used Plaque off, she hadn’t heard about it. I haven’t yet spoken with anyone here in the USA who has heard of it. I know that we can get it here and we will start to use it on our puppy as soon as she has lost all her baby teeth! Thank you again for such a marvellous product. I believe over the years we have saved our cats from a lot of unnecessary dental work and anaesthetics not to mention the money we have saved!”Sarah & Mark Gibson, USA