AnxiKalm (1.8kg)

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AnxiKalm is a natural supplement to help calm excitable horses in stressful conditions.


Magnesium Oxide 333,000mg
L-tryptophan 49,000mg
Vitamin C 6600mg
Vitamin B1 4400mg
Niacin 3300mg
Vitamin B6 1700mg
Vitamin B2 1200mg
Folic Acid 329mg

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Some horses are naturally nervous animals and can be affected by routine activities such as travelling, competitions, sales and clipping.

Take the edge off your horse’s nerves without reducing performance. AnxiKalm Compete contains no banned ingredients and will help calm an anxious horse during stressful competitions, shows or when travelling. Available in tasty apple-flavoured powder, liquid or handy oral gel syringe, AnxiKalm is easy to add to your horse’s feeding regime.

AnxiKalm Compete Horse Calming Supplement is ideal for sport horses, younger horses, showjumpers, eventers, blood/sharp types, breakers, ponies, bad travellers, anxious horses and horse that are new to competition.


AnxiKalm Compete Horse Calming Supplement
can help benefit horses and ponies that are:

  • Constantly nervous
  • Easily distracted
  • Nervous when traveling or clipping
  • Nervous at sales or competitions

How and when to use

Why use AnxiKalm Compete?

Horses have different thresholds in how they react to particular situations and need a supplement flexible enough to adapt to these situations. AnxiKalm is an ideal horse calming supplement that:

  • Can help provide an immediate calming effect
  • Does not affect performance
  • Assist with reduced risk of panic
  • Assist with reduced risk of potentially harmful situations

How AnxiKalm Compete Works: AnxiKalm provides the perfect balance of Magnesium, L-Tryptophan and B Vitamins which decrease anxiety, reduce the feelings that create stress and helps promote long term calming.
Magnesium is a key component for ensuring the integrity of nerve endings and the health of the mucus membranes. These are key to an individual horse’s level of sensitivity. Levels of magnesium can be depleted by stress and anxiety and need to be replenished.

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