GastroCare (1.8kg)

£ 67.00

GastroCare’s unique formula helps to relieve gastric pain and improve appetite.


GastroCare is a scientifically-formulated food supplement designed to have a multi-faceted approach to gastro-intestinal health. Horses are natural grazers and can spend up to 22 hours per day in a field grazing. This causes the continuous production of gastric acid. The constant grazing should produce enough saliva to balance this acid.

When horses are in training,working or travelling and their feeding regime is reduced to two or three feeds per day they do not produce enough saliva, leading to a build up of acid in the gut. It is estimated that over 60% of sport or show horses and 100% of race horses have gastric discomfort due to stomach ulcers.

GastroCare Gastric Horse Supplement helps to neutralise gastric acid.
Each intake provides approximately six hours of activity.

GastroCare’s soluble fibres absorb some of the excess acid, while glutamine aids the regeneration of the stomach lining. It’s unique formula helps maintain normal acid levels in the horse’s gut. GastroCare contains natural buffers plus L-Glutamine to help counteract the gastric effects of modern practices.

  • Neutralises excess acid
  • Soothes the gastric lining
  • May also help crib biters and wind suckers
    (conditions associated with excess gastric acid)