Syno-Vital Pet

  • Used daily, helps maintain your pets mobility
  • Easy to use, simply add to food or water
  • Naturally derived premium Hyaluronan 1.2M

Syno-Vital® Pet is an easy-to-use liquid feed supplement, that contains hyaluronan, which can be used to maintain healthy joints and bones, and keep your pet’s coat shiny and smooth.

Joint problems are common in both ourselves and our pets. Synovial fluid naturally occurs in the joints and is important to lubricate the joints and tissues to allow free movement.

As we age we produce less synovial fluids which can lead to problems and pain. Natural wear and tear and infections can also reduce synovial fluids and therefore the use of a food supplement such as Syno-Vital® Pet can be of benefit. The supplementation of synovial fluid through the use of food supplements such as Syno-Vital® Pet can help alleviate joint problems. Synovial fluid is made up of hyaluronan and other important components (lubricin, proteinases, and collagenases).

Syno-Vital® Pet is available in:
1 x 250 ml and 6 x 250 ml (6-pack).

Hyaluronan has been described as ‘nature’s healing agent’ and ‘nature’s moisturiser’. It is an essential part of the fluid that lubricates the joints and has an important role in joint-bone health. Hyaluronan reduces friction, lubricates joints, absorbs shocks, allows passage of oxygen and nutrients, and removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the cartilage. Supplementation of hyaluronic acid helps in the production of synovial fluid.